2 de junho de 2012

2012 World Obedience Championship - Salzburg

Competition Arena
This year the WOC was held in Austria in the beautiful city of Salzburg.

A very experienced organization  and therefore most of everything was really comfortable and efficient either for competitors and dogs.  
The Competition arena surroundings were welcoming -  a nice garden and a nice café nearby  swimming pools facilities. An ice hockey  transformed in a obedience ring.
Thank you so much all the staff team specially Gabi Pichler -  best Stuart in the world!
Gabi  understands that  an handler  in order to be at his best needs a good calm and safe Stuart inside the ring.  Some details from the stuarts organization were really amazing: for instance each competitor needs to choose the dumbbell side. So before entering the ring we chosen sides by picking a  watering duck toy wich were floating  in a small swimming pool! This way, because they were floating, it was impossible to fake  sides! This insight view is only  possible coming from a team of very experienced Stuarts.

World Obedience Championship Results:
Again this year we could see a general drop down on points with handlers and dogs being extra slow on performances for sunday finals. I guess this demand from judges will surely have an impact on performances and im not sure it will be for the best!!!  Only 8 dogs scored excellent! And for example if we take  dog rankink 15º place who scored only 241,50 - Good -  out of the possible 320 that will mean a difference of only 19 points for the dog ranking 59º place - Mr Miles in this case!!! Not that good for such a clear difference on final ranking postions!! And is it really true that only 8 dogs  in the world can do this program at an  excellent level ???  cause only had it! and the dog ranking 8º place scored only  256,25 Excellent but a very  low excellent!!! cant believe! humm...

1 4 Enqvist-Pukkila Christa FIN Tending Able Tiger BORC 281 EX
2 10 Svanljung Jessica FIN Tending Knight BORC 280 EX
3 12 Fedorova Galina RUS Wonder Westspacy BORC 277,5 EX
4 1 Fatland Frøystad Line NOR Harry-Pepper BORC 276,25 EX
5 6 Ballerini Monika SUI Exina zum Krähenhorst BORC 265,75 EX
6 13 Cacciatore Silvia ITA Tending Highlight BORC 261,25 EX
7 17 Brenden Lillian NOR Tending Jynx BORC 260,75 EX
8 5 Manner Nina FIN Tending Hotspur BORC 256,25 EX
9 2 Kailio Heidi FIN Hermine Galliat At. Av Nangijala GROE 254,75 VG
10 8 Tribus Renate ITA Trust Your Heart Be my Roy BORC 254,25 VG
11 16 Ljungström Diana SWE Tazzehagens Tazz BORC 253,25 VG
12 9 Hetych Emanuel AUT Lucky Shot Amazing Fleet BORC 251,5 VG
13 19 Fatland Røine Aina NOR Tyra BORC 246,5 VG
14 20 Kiviaho Katja FIN Tending Airborne BORC 245,25 VG
15 18 Bolshakova Varvara RUS Maeglin Extreme BORC 241,5 VG

Portuguese Obedience Team Results:

Pedro Araújo  and Deena 43ª  - 237,50 points!
Eduarda Pires and Mr. Miles 59ª  - 222 (zero on recall and 5 on heelwork)
Pedro Araújo and Jen D'Africa 73º  -  208
Fernando Silva and Amy 86ª  - 183
Cristina Santos and Jumping Miles 97º - 126,25
This year we had a new member on the team ralf – jumping miles ahead from Casa d´ Arinia. Unfortunately he was not at his best as some unpredictable disease left him a bit out of his energy and natural self.  But we are all sure that next year he will be at its best.
Mr. Miles and me

Its was not until really late that we had the confirmation to be able to enter the championship. Miles had a facial paralysis since 08 of January and for 9 weeks more we need to stop training. After also a  foot injury came and again  narrowed  our time gap to train. I decided by best  chance was to enter as team leader just in case we did not at all  manage to enter the team !!! for those who are asking I need to say that this year im more happy then ever.  Miles did great  considering we didnt had that much time to train! Unfortunately first exercise was the recall same time as next ring a competitor, and its supporters did a party and Miles was a bit afraid and wanted to come to mama!! So he did not stop leading the exercise to zero! The rest of the exercises were nicely executed specially ring 2 with nice points for distance control and jump over a hurdle!

I really enjoyed competing in Salzburg and I hope Miles did as well!he was very willing to do his job always in a happy  mood considering the lack of training preparation and he was my  great trip  companion!!
After the championship we visited a farm  to see some cows, goats and sheep and take the stress out!
 It was very nice for Miles to have deena and xshosa as trip mates. Thank you  Pedro and girls!

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