Mr. Miles

Miles came form England form Mr Thomas Longton a well known ISDS breeder from exclusive herding lines! We pick him up at Lee End Farm.
Miles is the dog i dream to have! Energy, sound temperament and playfull!

Mr Miles Pedigree

Mr Miles of Oeiras (ISDS 273541)

Ob. Cl. Elite
Dick (ISDS 251494)Chip In Roy (ISDS 213922)Nap (ISDS 188631)
Nip (ISDS 173146)
Bess (ISDS 229169)Drift (ISDS 214421)
Jed (ISDS 181752)
Dot (ISDS 257448)Cap (ISDS 240475)Mirk (ISDS 223515)
Spotan (ISDS 226600)
Meg (ISDS 230625)Jake (ISDS 190525)
Tess (ISDS 201675)