24 de outubro de 2011

i miss you so

this was our last pictures together august 2011
September 07 Maria left us!
I guess me and Miles were suffering the most! Usually  when i left home to go to school both Miles and Maria whent to sleep together. They both  use to go near the entrance door and, as soon as i left the house,  laydown sleeping back to back until i arrive home!   And so  the days after and Miles was so lost in desper. He was crying around   the house specially if i need to leave for a few hours.
 I still miss you a  lot my darling! It helps me to imagine that you  are now  a sort of soft light who comes and crosses my paths! But still there are some days that i urge missing your hugg and the tranquility of your smile! I hope we can meet again! I'll miss you forever. Everyone asked about you  :-)!

23 de outubro de 2011

Obedience in Heidi mountains

September started well. Marlise invitation to come to her club, near Zurich, in Switzerland, and help a few handlers to go back in track to obedience competition was a very nice oportunity.
It was quiete a challange to help handlers who have already competed at world championships in previous years! I did such an enormous effort that i was myself able to clarify important things inside some exercises and it turned to be a really  inspiring seminar for my own training. Swiss compeitiors  are all so eager and willing to pratice  that its always  revitalizing  and so nice to be with them for a few days!

A few letters a day will keep my thesis on the way!

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