28 de junho de 2011

19 de junho de 2011

Dogs Blood Chemistry

Specially with Geriatric dogs Blood Chemistry can be a usefull tool to evaluate our friends health heres a few hints to better understand it:

Glucose – increased levels typically associated with diabetes while low levels may occur with liver disease or cancer
Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN) – a by-product of protein degradation that eliminated by the kidneys; high levels can indicate dehydration or kidney disease.
Creatinine – a by-product that is eliminated by the kidneys; becomes elevated with dehydration, kidney disease, and urinary tract obstruction.

Total Protein – Albumin plus globulin; elevated with dehydration, infections, and cancer; low with liver, kidney, or intestinal disease proteins found in the blood and created by the liver; liver, kidney, and intestinal disease can cause low levels
Total Bilirubin – by-product of hemoglobin degradation and found within bile; elevations occur with destruction of red blood cells and bile duct/gall bladder disease and well as liver disease.
ALT and AST - livers enzyme that can become elevated if the liver is injured or diseased
Alkaline Phosphatase (ALKP) an enzyme found in bone, liver, and bile duct tissues; Cushing’s disease, liver disease, as well as other conditions could cause mild to significant elevations levels may be elevated with
pancreatic disease
Calcium – increased levels could occur with certain types of tumors and kidney disease
Phosphorus – may become elevated with kidney disease
Sodium (Na+), Potassium (K+), and Chloride (Cl -) – electrolyte levels could become abnormally low or high due to vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, as well as other illnesses
Globulin – elevated with cancer and infections
Albumin (ALB) – one of the main proteins found in the blood and created by the liver; liver, kidney,
and intestinal disease can cause low levels
Amylase and Lipase – enzymes produced by the pancreas whose decrease with other illnesses as

well; further evaluation may be required to assess thyroid gland function using the Free T4 and TSH tests
Complete Blood Count (CBC):
Hematocrit – the percentage of red blood cells (RBCs) compared with fluid and other cells in the blood stream; low levels (anemia) may indicate blood loss, destruction of RBCs, or inadequate production

White Blood Cells (WBCs) – elevated with infection, inflammation, and cancer; white blood cells include lymphocytes, neutrophils, bands (immature neutrophils), monocytes, eosinophils, and basophils
Platelets – low levels indicate increased loss or failure to produce platelets; can cause bleeding problems if too low decrease with other illnesses as well; further evaluation may be required to assess thyroid gland function using the Free T4 and TSH tests

Thyroid Evaluation:
T4 (thyroxine) – produced by the thyroid gland; low levels may indicate hypothyroidism but may

17 de junho de 2011

world obedience championship 2011

the start list and the heel work is ready for Paris!
Portugal - we all enter on saturday

Eduarda pires and mr miles - start nº 65;
Pedro Araujo e Deena nº 78;
Fernando Silva e amy II nº 85;
Pedro Araujo e Jen (Shoza) 94

Good Luck  TO US :-)

11 de junho de 2011

Congress and Obedience Team to World Championship

Congresso Treino de Cães

The portuguese obedience team to enter World Obedience Championship 2011 in Paris is ready !
Team to Paris:
Eduarda Pires e Mr. Miles
Fernando Silva e Amy II
Pedro Arujo e Deena
pedro araújo e Sxhosa

Like  in previous years  we are gathering efforts to colletc some extra financial support. This year we organized a congress about dog training  but also about many other aspects involving the sporting dog. WE,ve invited specialist to speak about themes as diferent  as : the nutrition of the sporting dog; what is obedience; the importance of coachiong for athletes and many other.  We hope people can join  us in this congress and  profit from  this information  ont sporting dogs issues!
here's the program:

Origem e Evolução do Cão - Dogs Evolution
09h Drº Joana Robalo. Docente ISPA

Dominância e Agressividade - Agressivity and dominance myths
09.30 Drº Gonçalo Pereira Docente Comportamento Animal Fac. Med. Vet. Universidade Lusófona

Como Escolher um Cachorro/Cão -  How to choose a puppy
10.30 Pedro Araújo Selecção Obedience 2011

11.00 Coffe Break

Novas Filosofias do Treino do Cão - New  philosophies on dog training
11.30 Fernando Silva Selecção Obedience 2011

Cães e Direitos - Dog in the Portuguese Law
12.h Drº Filipe Ferreira Advogado

12.30 - 13h Debate

O que é o Obedience?  What is Obedience
14.30 Eduarda Pires Selecção Obedience 2011

Anatomia do Cão - Dogs Anatomy
15h Drº Rui Gonçalves Juíz Beleza Cpc

Fisiologia do Esforço e Lesões em Cães de Desporto -  physiology and comomn sports injuries in dogs
15.30 Drº Nuno Paixão Director Hospital Veterinário Central

 Alimentação do Cão de Desporto - Sporting dog nutrition
16.30 Eukanuba

Coffee Break

Competir para Ganhar-Coaching Desportivo - compete to win - Coaching
17.00 Drª Paula Madeira Psicóloga Universidade Autónoma

18.00 Entrega de Diplomas

Inscrições devem ser enviadas para: portugalobedienceteam@gmail.com
Para mais informações: 91 321 87 14 - 919 352 470 - 919 038 198
Esperamos por SI!!!

Spanish Championship

From now on and because so many friends have asked for it il try tol write more and more post in english :-)!

We wish to thank the Spanish Kennel Club and  the obedience delegate Mr. Pedro Marques for the invitation to again be at his side judging the " Spanish Copa" - Competition where the spanish obedience champion comes out.
Unfortunatly  in Spain as in Portugal obedience is taking to long to have a significant number of participants. Never the less  the competition took place  inside the halls of the big beauty show (100 years celebration)and the Spanish Kennel Club did everything  so that obedience competitors could be at their best.
The Spanish Obedience Champion is Gonzalo and Border Collie U-la.  Congratulations.
Gonzalo is a close friend who often competes in Portugal and  many  times  do we  train together!
A Great pleasure and pride  was to see Moss and Neo doing so well on class A.
Both  this dogs are the offspring of my dog Mr. Miles and  from diferent litters. they presented themselves in class A and gain  1st and 2nd place on podium.

Class A: 1st place - Moss (mr. Miles X Lady Jolie de mafaldas) / 2nd Place - Neo (mr. Miles X Moss )
Both dog and handlers have been coming to train with me here in portugal  and im so so proud of them. I wish them lots of sucess.
This were great days between friends ! Thank you to all and hope to see you next year.

A few letters a day will keep my thesis on the way!

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