31 de agosto de 2011

Obedience seminar in Galiza

 August in Galiza, Spain, is something! Problably other months of the year are something too...
 i named it " litle switzerland just around the corner" - a combination of flat rivers, saling boats on the atlantic deep blue ocean releasing oxigen into the atmosphere and all embraced by deep green lean mountains! WOW!  

I was lucky on this trip i guess!  Such an enormous positive surprise.
I was invited to present an obedience competition seminar.
Most of the people who attend the seminar were coming from other sports mainly from IPO. It would be quite a chalange to help them  getting their exercises better and at the same time motivate them to try and do a bit of obedience and work/training exercises with  so many new ideas and diferent technics! well... it was quite a surprise to meet so many low profile and hard working people - People  who  came into the field with no reserves, willing to train in new ways, people who too regonize the dog training as a serious and hard working sport!
Thank you so much to all!

I hope youve enjoyed as much as i did. i hope ive help you with new ideas and inputs to train and reach your goals in sport. also i hope some of you can become Obedience competitors and share the love for this sport with me. 

 I enjoyed the natural way we did this seminar eating and chating together and  working focused.

Luís its hard to meet some one like you! be a low profile is  a virtue but not on dog trainers!!!! Usually dog trainers present thenselves as the best at something: the best  for results,  the best in the most positive technics, the best in the... something! to find someone as good as you are lacking the im the best speech and still so willing to learn, hard worker and  so low profile is absolutly Unique :-)!!!!
I wish you all the best -  for your new puppy and for Terra Meiga.
Thank you so much for you kindness and welcoming!

A few letters a day will keep my thesis on the way!

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