Obedience World Championships

We entered the World Obedience Championships Since 2004  uo to 2013.
Its always a great experience wich of course made us grew so much in the sport -Obedience.  Every year we meet new handlers, from all over the world, with great expectations and great dogs!
Portugal is a small country in the sport! Each year we had to do a tremendous effort to be there with a team!
 For us  - me and my dogs -  to be a part of the national team fro so many years now ( 2004 up to the present -2013)  took us a great  deal of committement, long hours of training, many  many seminars with top handlers.
 From all the handlers who helped   us to achieve Kjellaug Selsaas (world obedience winner, 2005, 2006, 2013)  was an extraordinary inspiration and a big help, Also did we learn a lot with  Oystein Odegaard (3º place world obedience championship 2005 )  -  both from norway!
its always a pleasure, thought not ever time that easy,  to be able to be a part of the national obedience team for the world obedience championships!

I teamed up with Mr James for the world championships:
2004 : Turin, Italy:
2004 : Turin, Italy
2005: Stockerau; Austria
JUNTO AUSTRIA.jpg (683×1024)
2005: Stockerau; Austria

2006: Poznan; Poland
Eduarda de Sousa Pires

2007: Zagreb; Croacia:

2007: Zagreb; Croácia
and then CAME MR MILES!!
we teamed up in world Obedience Championships:

2008: Stockholm, Sweeden

2009: Bratislava;

2010: Herning; Danmark
2011: Paris; France
2012: Salzburg; Austria
2013: Godollo; Hungary

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