26 de maio de 2012

Obedience Spanish Champion 2012

The COPA for obedience Spanish Champion 2012 was held Today at Madrid Feria. The title was again winned by Gonzalo & Ula closed followed by  a Mini Miles: NEO!!!! So proud of their work.
Neo is a young dog full of potencial. I hope i can see both Jose Sanz and Neo soon competing at the world championship and ofcourse next to his to litter brothers: mini -miles - Mr. Miles jr  who is competing in Switzerland and Mini Miles AXL- nicely starting  elite class  in Portugal!
Todays competition was a bit time pressured by a  narrow time table. The program of Obedience competition was followed by a demonstration of  Spanish National Guard Dogs and the honorable visit of the Queen.
It was again a pleasure to come and judge the Obedience Copa next to mr. Pedro Marquez and like this to be able to be among so many friends.
Thank you so much for the Invitation and for today!
congratulations to all the competitors
Spanish Obedience Championship results:
1º Gonzalo & Ula (252 points)
2º Josele & Neo (240 points) - Mr. Miles wishes proud congratulations to his son!
3º Daniel & Moe (202,5 points)

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