My Setters

My house is the by now the  house of some rescue setters!  My first setter was Sebastião a strong dog that followed my youth years!  I guess we were one of a kind by that time! Sebastiao left us on  21 ofoctober  2006.
Since then and honoring his memory we take -  in to live with us-  some setters from rescue associations who  become homeless or mistreated!
Sebastião and the borders!

Sebastião our beloved first setter

This is Maria and you can easily fond her story inside our blog posts.
Maria was a unique dog with whom i was able to comunicate in a very special way. Sometimes i still miss her so deeply!

Maria was blind but one couldnt say so :-))))!

We now live with Torrão an English Setter who is full of joy!
Torrão was a shy and frithned dog when  he first came in

Nice head of a pure hunting line english setter

Torrao enjoys running

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