14 de julho de 2011

Paris WOC a very French one!

The Obedience World Championship 2011  was held inside one of the world biggest arenas for world beauty dog show.  Goshhh such a Noisy and Crowded  place! Fortunatly according to Mr. Kruzbauer - president of FCI obedience Committee this was one of the last world obedience championships to be held together with beauty ones - clearly it is a mess for obedience does affecting performances by so  many means!

Congratulations Maren!

This year  i felt  a deep respect  and admiration for Obedience World Winner! Maren and Amira did a great Job  inside the ring! Maren we were all needing inspiration! Congratulations!

A Very French Obedience Championship:
Miles travel by plane as if a frequent flyer. No stress, no fear! Despite our last years bad experience with Air France this year we had a very safe trip - so important!

81 Mr. Miles of Oeiras Maria Eduarda Pires Portugal -  total -  195,25

Group Exercices Videos =                http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLWf-hBhDsw
1 Lying in a group for 4 minutes with di 10,00 10,00 -  media 10,00 -  CF2/ total 20,000
2 Sitting in group for 2 minutes  6,00 5,00 -  media 5,50 -  CF3/ total 16,500

video =                                             http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=foULgiezmHg&feature=related

3 Heelwork 6,00 7,00 media 6,50 - CF3 /19,500
4 Directed retrieve 8,00 7,00 media 7,50 CF 3/total 22,500 - very dificult to undersatnd this points !!!!
5  Recall with stand and down 0,00 0,00  0,00 media 0,00 CF4  total 0,000 -
unfortunatly the recall moment was same time as a celebration in the beauty ring and miles didnt hear me calling!! so we lost 40 points here and also for the next exercise!!
6  Send away with directions, down and 0,00 0,00 ,00 media 0,00 CF4 total  0,000

       VIDEO =                http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dSmS3k0aMlY&feature=related
7 Distance control 10,00 9,00 media 9,50 CF 4  -  total 38,000
8 Scent discrimination and retrieve 7,00 7,00 media 7,00 CF/3 total 21,000
9  Stand, sit and down under march 10,00 9,00 media 9,50 CF/3 Total 28,500
10 Saut de la haie Jumping  10,00 9,50 media 9,75 CF/3  total 29,250

Mr. Miles Competition  -  this competition... but... surely... a mix of ring stuart mistakes, a mix of overexcitement from miles a mix of lacking of connection from me to Miles !
Unfortunatly the stuarts  did some serious mistakes! On the sit stay exercise  we turn, and turn,  until finding our way back to the dog from behind!!! never seen before!!! dont understand why judges didnt stopped it and call for a new enter but... well Obedience French style i guess...  sorry everyone but" obedience exercises are "same sheet diferent day" ! and we like it like that!!!

This year and despite congratulations from all people side to competition we should all be a bit sad either about ring conditions  either about most of the performances. If we look carefully to the  points most of handlers were showing mid results with most of the exercises being on  the Very Good level and just a few reaching excellent level! Not that good for Obedience.  As about ring conditions i think it was the first time we had such a mess made by stuarts,e.g. some competitors did 3 mintues of heelwork someothesr did 4minutes and... some started the exercise here, while some others started the exercises over  there... some did the recall with no noise,t some others  did th recall with so much noise  dogs couldnt listen , some handlers return to their  dogs as usual , some others return performing a set of turns and turns .... and ...departure time to competition place by bus: 6 oclock in the morning!!!  returningto hotel :  07pm. All day spent inside such croweded  expensive to eat, and  full of noise, noise, noise, and noise!!! is obedience world championshiponly to  people much younger then the majority of handlers, actually ????? ... well!!
As a friend said we keep going... because...??? well because we love our dogs and we like to train  as it means quality time with them!

Congratulations to SWEEDISH TEAM

Special congratulations to the Sweedish team who made an enormous TEAM WORK  among handlers and following their way of training  :-)! very nice and inspiring!

Jen D´Africa was for sure the best dog from Portuguese TEAM  - with total points 246, 50.
She did a  very nice competition  - a very serious old lady who did her best for all of us!
Congratulations to Pedro and to Jen and thank you!
Also Pedro Araujo  and the team Border Collie Deena deep in my soul did  well with  239,50!
Fernando Silva and  Amy II  were not that lucky and a ring mistake got them a red card not being able to complete the competition.
Next year we are all hoping to have a much safer world championship specially cause it will be in Austria one of the most dog welcoming countries in the World!

A few letters a day will keep my thesis on the way!

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