6 de junho de 2014

April in South Africa

This is Africa! so ive learn in this trip! a pen for a computer is called a dungle so ive learn in this trip! I also learn
a lot with the  so many fantastic persons i ve meet and in this sense this was quite an amazing trip!
The invitation to judge an obedience competiton from an fci obedience rules  point of view was quite challenging! trying to shadow some other prespectives into a  set of general rules  wich are becoming older then the sport!!
It was amazing to see so many good dogs from so many diferent breeds in competition! A Samoyedo that worked so... a Bernese, a jack russel , a Poodle and so many more !!
South Africa is such an amazing country ! It was a surprise to meet so many good handlers with so many tremendous life experiences!  I hope i managed to help the handlers  achieving their  training goals! Or at least  i hope i manage to present their dogs a new and more motivational way of traning -  A play together stay together :-)! way of training!
p.s. a special thanks to Cape Town group  (and Angie) for helping so much ! special city this one!

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